Why Remote?

Hi, my name is Art.

I was on both sides of the "remote table". First as an employee, then as a manager.

Now I could tell you that it is The Future of Work, The New Normal™️, blah blah...

Instead, let me share with you why I actually care about this topic.

My Remote Work Rollercoaster

I have been working remotely for a decade now:

  • 🙋‍♂️ Initially, as a lone employee 9 time zones away from HQ → I lost my job because it "didn't work out" (aka: no remote work culture and/or systems in place)
  • 🏝 Then as a founder of a remote-first company with employees across 9 different time zones → we scaled the team from 0 to 15 FTEs from idea through exit (I'm most proud that our team liked working there and we had zero employee turnover)
  • 🧳 Eventually, as an executive in a global marketing agency with 800+ employees → Covid19 forced a transition from a traditionally co-located organization to a remote one in the span of a few weeks

In hindsight, I am fortunate to have experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Pink circle, that's me 👇


But Why Bother Teaching 'How to Remote'?

Remote-first companies are the shiny new thing in organizational design.

But that's not why I am passionate about the topic.

The why is closer to my outlook on life.

In general, I'm a cautiously optimistic realist and believe that we - as individuals - can have a certain level of control over our own lives.

Steve Jobs once said it well in an interview:

... once you discover one simple fact, and that is "Everything around you that you call 'life' was made up by people who are no smarter than you."

This thought is incredibly empowering. Life is more fun when you keep an open mind and explore what is actually possible.

People like you and I started countries and are recreating the Big Bang at CERN.

No one gave them permission but they did it anyway.

Think about that for a second 🤯

All things considered, you and I should be capable to come up with better ways to organize work and unlock more time for things that truly matter (time with family; more time for passion projects; fewer Zoom marathons).

Remote work is merely a means to living life on your terms.

Work Like It's 1999

Technology has finally caught up with its promise of seamless video conferencing, information exchange, and real-time collaboration.

The problem is that our work habits are still stuck somewhere in the 1990s.

Work. Sleep. Commute. Repeat.

Why are we willing to commute just because the company has pre-paid rent for the next 2 years and the 'facilities need to be used'? 🤷‍♂️

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." - Mark Twain

Wouldn't it make more sense to design our daily schedule around the desired outcomes of our work?

If you have ever sent an email from your mobile phone you have proven that work can get done outside a cubicle.

My Promise

I know this is not a typical welcome email for a course but I hope it gives you an insight into why we are doing this.

No one wants to be that person where it didn't work out after all.

Yet more and more of us are working remotely or at least in a hybrid setup. That means we are all at risk.

My promise to you is that you will learn foundational principles about remote work to take your understanding from so-so to o-ho!

By the end of this course, you will be equipped to start building a work environment on your own terms.

Less micro-managing, more enabling.

Less like 1999, more like 21st century.

It's not too late to be early 🙌


Let's Stay in Touch 🤝