Examples of Good Documentation

Have you been tasked with creating documentation for your organization? 😱

Fear not. You must not reinvent the wheel.


Be Inspired: Documentation Masterclass (Swipe File)

Have a look at our swipe file of the best documentations from all around the web. It includes an ever-evolving list of company docs.

Currently, the list includes documentation built with:

  • Notion
  • Trello
  • GitLab
  • GitHub
  • Websites → This is usually done with website builders such as Wix, Squarespace, Super.so (on top of Notion), etc.
  • Custom Builds → Don't do this.

Don't reinvent the wheel when it comes to technology.

Don't reinvent the wheel when it comes to best practices of documentation.

Want to Learn More About Remote?


Check our email-based course The 80/20 of Remote Team Leadership where we teach how to set up scalable documentation for your remote-first team 👇


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